Ocean of Life

Live in your center, completely alive!

If you are reading these lines, perhaps the time has come for you to experience your truth and beauty as a human being in harmony with nature, as it was always intended for you … in connection with all your strength and your full potential. In Ocean of Life we would like to accompany you on this journey back to yourself, a fascinating and exciting journey, radically and deeply transforming. We are looking forward to you!

With Love, Ariane und Edwin

Natural Relationship

to horses is based on trust and respect, it cannot be forced but must be earned. AsvaNara creates this natural world for horses and people and teaches the knowledge that enables a safe and happy relationship between horse and man.

Female Freedom

Remembering and experiencing who you are, connecting forever with your archaic femininity; ending all search but finding instead and finding HER. Donna Divina stands for the liberation of the feminine power so that every woman lives healthy and happy in harmony with herself.


On the ranch of the Golden Oaks, at the foot of the mountain “La Verna” in Tuscany, where Saint Francis of Assisi spent the last years of his life in unity with nature, we have been growing Cannabis Sativa and extracting CBD from the hemp flowers for the last two years.