We are pleased that you are interested in the offers of Ocean of Life. We offer retreats, camps, courses, online programs, annual training (hereafter referred to as “events”) products and eBooks. Below you will find the terms and conditions that apply when you book an offer with us or enter into a contract with us. The version valid at the time of booking is applicable.


Contract Partners

AsvaNara and Donna Divina are operated as brand names by Ocean of Life GmbH. The contractual partner in each case is Ocean of Life GmbH.

Privacy Policy

Data protection and the protection of your privacy is very important to us; just as important to us at Ocean of Life is mutual support. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to inform you that your contact details may also be used for exchange, mutual assistance and support before, during and after events for participant and exchange lists.

If we receive your e-mail address in connection with the sale of a product, event or other service and you have not objected to this, we reserve the right to send you regular offers on similar products from our range by e-mail. This serves to protect our legitimate interests in advertising to our customers, which outweigh any other interests. You can object to this use of your e-mail address at any time by sending a message to the contact option described in the imprint or via a link provided for this purpose in the advertising mail.

We retain personal data for as long as the person concerned gives us his or her consent to do so, for as long as it is necessary for the processing of the corresponding legal relationship and/or for as long as it is legally required (e.g. due to tax or commercial law obligations to retain data). Thereafter, the personal data will be deleted in the best possible technical manner and in an adequate manner.

For additional information and further details on data protection, we refer to our data protection declaration.


All documents (texts, audio and video files, PDFs, etc.) which are handed in at the events (retreats/camps/courses or the annual training) or made available online are subject to Swiss and international copyright law. This means that the corresponding documents may only be used for private personal use during and after the course. The documents may not be copied or passed on to third parties without the written consent of AsvaNara or other authors. Any commercial use (even in modification of the contents) is forbidden under copyright law and may result in legal action.

Brand Protection

“AsvaNara” and “Donna Divina” are as names and logos registered and protected trademarks. Participation in retreats/camps/courses or annual training does not entitle you to advertise or offer AsvaNara and/or Donna Divina work professionally.

Applicable Law

Swiss law is applicable, excluding the conflict of laws provisions of private international law (IPRG).

Place of Jurisdiction

Subject to mandatory legal provisions to the contrary, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for disputes arising from or in connection with the contract concluded is the registered office of Ocean of Life GmbH in Zug, Switzerland. The ordinary courts shall have jurisdiction.




The general terms and conditions described above under “General” also apply to events (retreats/ camps/ courses/ annual training). In addition, the following terms and conditions apply:

Principles to be respected

You are responsible for ensuring sufficient insurance coverage (illness, accident, liability, cancellation) yourself. We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance, especially before booking events.

Participation at our events is voluntary and at your own risk. You take full responsibility for your actions. It is up to you to decide which events you attend and how you handle your experience.

To the extent permitted by law (e.g. for minor negligence), AsvaNara, Donna Divina or Ocean of Life GmbH cannot be held liable for any damage that you as a participant or third party may suffer in connection with the AsvaNara and/or Donna Divina events. For example, you cannot hold AsvaNara liable for theft or loss of items, loss of earnings, loss of profit, or travel expenses.

Registration/ Number of Participants

For some retreats/ camps/ courses, prior participation in a previous course is a prerequisite for you to be admitted to the event. You can find more information on this in the respective event announcements.

The number of participants per event is limited in order to ensure the best possible support for the participants. Registrations have to be made through the booking system of this website and will be considered in the order in which they are received.

The registration for an event is binding. If there are still places available in the retreat/camp/course or the annual training and if the participants meet the requirements for participation, they will receive a confirmation of participation by e-mail from Ocean of Life, which is considered to be the conclusion of the contract and the booking becomes final. This confirmation will be used to pay the costs of the events booked according to the agreed payment terms (in full or, in the case of payment by installments, the first installment).

Costs/ Course Fee/ Payment Conditions

With the registration or the conclusion of the contract, the participant undertakes to pay the costs of the event (retreat/ camp/ course costs, annual training costs; hereinafter for the sake of simplicity only referred to as “course costs” or “course fees”) in accordance with the respective agreed terms of payment.

The course costs (amount and currency) can be seen in the respective booking process. As a rule, there is a choice between immediate payment of the entire course fees (“full payment”) or payment in installments. In the case of full payment, the entire course fee is due and payable immediately after registration or receipt of the confirmation of participation. If payment in installments has been chosen, the corresponding installments are due on the respective agreed date. Only full payment of the course fee before the start of the respective event (retreat/ camp/ course) entitles the participant to participate in the booked event or, in the case of installment payments for annual training, to pay the respective installments on time.

Payments must be made punctually and in the respective currency according to the payment options offered. If currency conversion costs, other transfer costs or fees are incurred, these shall be borne by the participant. In the case of annual training, a delay in payment of course fees may result in exclusion from the annual training.

Discounts (such as early bird discount, bring along discount, special discount etc.), which you may be able to claim, cannot be accumulated; in this case, please inform us in advance which discount you would like to claim.

Not included in the course fee are the costs for board and lodging at the respective seminar locations where the retreats/ camps/ courses or events of the annual training are held. A separate contract must be concluded directly with the respective seminar center.

Participation in the retreat/ camp/ course or the annual training only temporarily, not completely, does not entitle to a reduction of the course fee.

Event Management

Ocean of Life GmbH reserves the right to postpone, rebook or cancel events, e.g. due to understaffing, illness of the seminar leader, other urgent reasons or force majeure.

In case of cancellation of events by Ocean of Life, already paid course fees will be refunded. If several events (as a package) are booked and only some of them are cancelled, the course fees will be refunded proportionally. There are no further claims against AsvaNara, Donna Divina or Ocean of Life GmbH.

In case of postponement or cancellation of an event, claims for damages or other claims of the participants (with the exception of the above-mentioned proportional repayment of course fees already paid in case of cancellation of an event), i.e. for example for loss of earnings, loss of profit or travel expenses, are excluded.

Cancellation/ Deregistration/ Rebooking / Termination/ Exclusion

With your booking you conclude a binding contract with us. Please understand that a withdrawal from the contract or a cancellation of the registration is not possible without cost consequences (see below). The number of participants for most events is limited in order to ensure optimal support.

Of course we would like to welcome you at the events you have booked. If you have to cancel your participation for any important reason, please inform us immediately.

If you cancel up to 30 days before the start of the event, we will credit the entire course fee to another event of Ocean of Life GmbH.

If you cancel less than 30 days before the start of the event, only half of the course fee will be credited to another event of Ocean of Life GmbH.

If you do not appear without prior notice, the entire course fee will be due.

Ocean of Life reserves the right to exclude a participant from events if, for example, it turns out that the cooperation is not fruitful. In the case of annual training, late payment of course fees may also result in exclusion from annual training. In case of exclusion, the course fees already paid will be refunded proportionally (i.e. total value of the booked and paid services/course parts minus services/course parts already provided). Further claims against AsvaNara, Donna Divina or Ocean of Life GmbH are excluded.

Rebooking is free of charge at any time.


You understand that activities at AsvaNara or Donna Divina cannot replace medical therapy or other treatments of any kind, and cannot substitute for prescribed medicine or treatment from a doctor, professional therapist or competent authority. In the event of illness or serious symptoms, please contact a medical specialist who is legally empowered to give professional diagnosis and treatment by authorised professionals.

Photos & Videos

As a participant in an AsvaNara and/or Donna Divina event, you agree that the visual or photographic images that could be taken during the course may be used by Ocean of Life GmbH for advertising purposes, advertising and production of books and videos that are subject to sale, and therefore you expressly authorize the publication of these images for these purposes and this completely free of charge.