living the dream

Allow yourself to live your dreams

Ocean of Life was born from our hearts and souls, a woman and a man, Ariane Schürmann and Edwin Wittwer, together on a journey towards an effortless and authentic life, reconnected with nature and true existence.

It is our passion to share our dreams and discoveries with others and it doesn’t matter where you start your journey – whether you start with horses at AsvaNara or regain your true beauty and freedom as a woman at Donna Divina, radically improving all your relationships.

All paths lead back to where it all began, to unity and inner connection. It is our mission to make human potential shine naturally and in all our activities we emphasize on naturalness, truth and wholeness.

With Love, Ariane und Edwin

Ariane Schürmann

I've always been a pioneer

Ariane is a pioneer of natural life; more then 20 years ago she brought Natural HorseManShip to Italy, then the Journey and in the last 7 years she has dedicated herself completely to the creation of Donna Divina International.

Before that she lived for 12 years in the high Alps at 1900m, where she built and managed a biodynamic farm. Ariane has inspired thousands of people to make lasting and deep transformations from normal to natural and towards well-being.

Ariane is a mother of three free and happy children and has simultaneously managed to become a certified health consultant, Journey Practitioner and Presenter, seminar and retreat leader and author of several books.

She co-founded the AsvaNara Academy in Tuscany and the Journey movement in Italy and today her greatest passion is to inspire women to live life as a powerful expression of their innate divine nature.

I love to inspire women

After a financial breakdown, followed by years of burn-out, she successfully healed herself and found the pearl of wisdom: “There is nothing to improve in and about me, I am already a divine woman”.

This discovery, which personally enables her to live a full and happy life, with happiness and in true freedom and in healthy relationships, she has condensed into a 4-day retreat, with the opportunity to liberate any woman who is willing to take the step and become truly free.

Ariane lives in Tuscany with her beloved husband Edwin, her youngest daughter Nell and all her horses, dogs and cats when she is not travelling the world to share her experiences and enjoy life.

My mission ...

to flourish true essence and femininity

Edwin Wittwer

The horse is your mirror

In his early years Edwin’s interest in horses and riding was awakened, but after several accidents and several bad experiences he was about to give up everything and no longer follow his passion.

Only when he met a natural horseman and discovered natural horsemanship did everything change – from that moment on his life with horses changed dramatically.

Edwin began to understand horses, learned how they think and why they do what they do. He thus developed certainty, self-confidence and competence in dealing with them.

Thanks to his mentor and teacher, Edwin himself became a natural HorseMan and what used to be difficult and dangerous became easy and effortless … just natural.

Over the next 10 years, Edwin traveled throughout Europe teaching natural HorseManShip, helping thousands of people to have a better and natural relationship with their horses.

Emotions are the problem

During all these years, however, he became aware that the greatest difficulty in dealing with horses is the human control of emotions. Horses are masters at puzzling people and eliciting feelings from them that they normally, consciously or unconsciously, hide.

So Edwin focused more and more on personal development to give people the opportunity to work on themselves, grow and change directly and without detours instead of blaming the horse.

His knowledge and experience with horses is passed on and continuously developed at the AsvaNara Academy, which he founded in 2004 together with his wife Ariane. Edwin’s personal mission is to create a beautiful place on earth and help people to become natural again, with horses, relationships, finances and the planet.

My mission ...

to create a beautiful place in this world